From the Headquarters of 2nd Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment, Ft. Benning, GA, entitled "Observations of Gibbs Lubricant on 2/29IN Weapons Systems" "...These products produced no definable smoke as the weapons were operated and provided unprecedented lubrication allowing for reduced stoppages and no weapons failures during our usage. In addition, these products were applied to our weapons after cleaning and prior to storage resulting in excellent rust prevention in the especially humid climate of Fort Benning, GA" This letter is dated 11 January, 2008, after the US Army Sniper School usage of Gibbs from October, 2006 to October, 2007.


So many police departments rely on Gibbs that there are too many to name. The FBI tactical units are being issued new .45's from Springfield with the recommendation to only use Gibbs.


Gibbs replaces everything previously used on your guns: bore cleaner, lubricant, solvent, rust preventer and water proofer. The more you use just Gibbs, the more you treat the metal to its lubricating/metal preserving capabilities. As one Dallas tactical officer said, "Damndest stuff I've ever seen. I've thrown all my other chemicals away."


Oh, and what Gibbs will not do: It will not harm wood, plastic or leather (one customer loves it to immediately soften and waterproof leather).