Paul Gibbs got the original "penetrating lubricant" patent in the 60's, but unfortunately there was not an aerosol valve that would keep it in the can. It was sold in dropper bottles until the 90's, when the present, very functional pressure-sensitive valve was developed. Paul was a chemist that loved restoring Harley's, and wanted his product to restore, preserve, and lubricate his work. He achieved this better than anyone before or since.


So now comes the claims that you will not believe until you use it: Gibbs dissolves rust and corrosion. Gibbs penetrates better than any penetrant you ever wanted. After penetrating, Gibbs lubricates, not temporarily, but long term. Gibbs preserves the metal surface, and makes it water repellent, so the metal resists corrosion. No gummy residue even years later.


If you will keep these claims in mind, and review the next few pages you will find a million uses for Gibbs. From freeing a rusted lock or engine to drilling a carbon-fiber helicopter blade. Use a little imagination.